Small components most often used for buffering and/or fastening between surfaces.

Board Spacers, Standoffs Board Spacers, Standoffs Devices that are designed to create space between two boards at a specific height. These devices must be connected to the board with an external accessory (like a screw).
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Board Supports Board Supports Devices that are designed to create space between two boards at a specific height. These devices have mechanisms built into the part to attach the device to the boards.
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Bumpers, Feet, Pads, Grips Bumpers, Feet, Pads, Grips Rubber and plastic devices that are designed to provide a soft separation between two surfaces.
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Screws, Bolts Screws, Bolts A type of fastener characterized by a helical ridge that wraps around a cylinder.
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Washers Washers A thin disc with a hole that is normally used to distribute the load of a fastener.
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Nuts Nuts A type of hardware fastener with a threaded hole.
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Knobs Knobs A rounded handle that you twist to adjust something.
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Component Insulators, Mounts, Spacers Component Insulators, Mounts, Spacers Devices designed to separate metal objects or leads from touching other metal objects or leads. Also designed to aid in mounting or spacing leads or components on a board.
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Mounting Brackets Mounting Brackets Devices designed to hold items together, most often at a right angle to each other.
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Channel, DIN Rail Channel, DIN Rail A plastic or metal bar that conforms to one of a set of standard widths and designs. Used to mount industrial control equipment, connectors, power supplies, etc., within a boxes and racks.
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Rivets Rivets Short metal pins. One end usually has a head. The headless end is inserted between two surfaces and then molded into a head shape by the use of some tool.
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Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Various devices with differing purposes.
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Clips, Hangers, Hooks Clips, Hangers, Hooks Devices designed for easy attachment and removal in the hanging of pictures, small items and organizing of cords.
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Structural, Motion Hardware Structural, Motion Hardware Devices used to aid in the building and movement of robotics or other structures.
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Foam Foam Soft, flexible padding materials. Typically used to dampen shock and vibration in an application.
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Reclosable Fasteners Reclosable Fasteners Devices that provide a removable, repeatable method of closure or attachment, used as an alternative to screws or bolts.
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Bearings Bearings Devices that are designed to reduce friction between moving or rotating parts.
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Hole Plugs Hole Plugs Devices designed to fill a hole or knockout on enclosures or cabinets. Often made of metal or flexible plastics.
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Accessories, Kits Accessories, Kits Supplementary items used with hardware and fasteners.
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