Discrete Semiconductors

Devices that contain an individual circuit and provide a single function. These devices are built with materials that have an electrical conductivity that falls between the conductivity of a conductor and an insulator.

Diodes, Rectifiers Diodes, Rectifiers Semiconductor devices that are designed to allow current flow only in one direction.
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Thyristors Thyristors Semi conductive devices with three PN junctions (4 layers).
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Transistors, FETs, IGBTs Transistors, FETs, IGBTs Semiconductor devices that contain more than one PN junction or channel and are often used to amplify or switch signals.
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Power Driver Modules Power Driver Modules A device that integrates a variety of components used to control power demands and are all housed in an efficiently cooled package.
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Variable Capacitance, Varicaps, Varactors Variable Capacitance, Varicaps, Varactors A semiconductor device with two terminals that has a capacitance which will vary with the amount of voltage applied across the terminals.
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Kits Kits Groupings of discrete semiconductors.
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