Semiconductors, Development Tools

Devices that contains multiple elements and can provide many functions. These devices are built with materials that have an electrical conductivity that falls between the conductivity of a conductor and an insulator.

Clock, Timing Clock, Timing Devices that are designed to provide or manipulate periods of time.
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Data Acquisition Data Acquisition Devices designed to convert signals from one style to another.
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Discrete Semiconductors Discrete Semiconductors Devices that contain an individual circuit and provide a single function. These devices are built with materials that have an electrical conductivity that falls between the conductivity of a conductor and an insulator.
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Embedded Embedded Programmable semiconductor devices that are designed to provide specific functions as part of some other equipment.
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Embedded Computers Embedded Computers Devices designed to be provide processing and control of equipment into which they are placed.
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Interface Interface Devices designed to help facilitate communications between external sources and an electronic circuit.
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Isolators, Optoisolators, Photocouplers Isolators, Optoisolators, Photocouplers Devices that are used to electronically separate circuits but still allow for signals to be transferred between the circuits.
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Linear Linear Devices where the output is linearly (directly) proportional to the input.
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Logic Logic Devices that have an output which is based on a logical operation performed on the input.
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Memory Memory Devices used for storage of data.
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Power Management Power Management Devices that are designed to control current and voltage in order to extend life of a supply, lower operating costs, reduce energy consumed, etc.
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Programmers, Development Systems Programmers, Development Systems Devices that are used to assess the usability of an electronic component within a circuit and devices that can be used to code instructions into electronic components.
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Audio Special Purpose Audio Special Purpose A semiconductor device designed to filter, drive, amplify, convert, interface, etc., audio signals.
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Integrated Circuits (ICs) Kits Integrated Circuits (ICs) Kits Kits of integrated circuits (ICs) for evaluation, experimenting and demonstration purposes. May include but not limited to digital isolators, high-side drivers, memory, logic, microcontrollers, RF, switches, muliplexors, demultiplexers, transceivers, and translators.
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Specialized ICs Specialized ICs Specialized integated circuits (ICs) that are designed to carry out specific functions. Available in through hole or surface mount product.
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