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- Omron is one of the world's leading suppliers of advanced, reliable electronic controls and systems. You can count on us to provide you with the latest technology and to provide you with superior quality and performance in every product area we participate in. From relays to advanced machine visions system, nobody offers a better performance value than Omron. We also offer global service and sales support from more than 1,500 offices worldwide. Wherever you are, or wherever your customer is, Omron is there to help.


Optical Sensor

Image of Omron's Non-Amplified Photomicrosensors

Omron's photomicrosensor is a compact optical sensor that senses objects or object positions with an optical beam. Learn More

Facial Recognition Camera

Image of Omron's Facial Recognition Camera

Omron's facial recognition camera uses a unique image-recognition algorithm for applications such as detecting and recognizing faces, people, and pets. Learn More

G3VM-UR Ultra-Small VSON MOSFET Relays

Image of Omron G3VM-UR Ultra-Small VSON MOSFET Relays

Omron presents MOSFET relays with a wider range of characteristics which provide an array of solutions, meeting the needs of today’s high performance applications. Learn More

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Featured Products

Image of Omron B3FS SMT 12 mm Tactile Switch

B3FS SMT 12 mm Tactile Switch

Omron’s popular B3F now comes in a 12 mm surface-mount package. These switches are perfect for long life tact switch applications. Learn More

D2FD Series Sealed Switches

D2FD Series Sealed Switches

Omron's unique new dust-proof switch provides a cost effective solution for the many domestic and commercial electrical systems that don't need a fully waterproof solution. Learn More

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Image of Omron's Connectorized Photo Slot sensor

EE-SX Series Surface Mount Photomicrosensors

Omron's EE-SX series features the addition of 5 mm slot width connector type photomicrosensors.

Learn More
Omron Photomicrosensors Thumbnail

Optical Sensing Technology

Omron’s transmissive, reflective, and actuator photomicrosensors along with tools and support are available at Digi-Key. Learn more and order today!

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Image of Omron's Wireless Environmental Sensor

Wireless Environmental Sensor

Omron's 2JCIE-BL01 wireless environmental sensor is offered in a battery operable 46 mm x 39 mm x 15 mm small package and includes seven sensors.

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Image of Omron's Long Life G6DN-L Slim Power Relay

Long Life G6DN-L Slim Power Relay

Omron's long life G6DN-L slim power relay has a high switching capacity, longer electrical endurance, and can be used in many applications and industries.

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Image of Omron's G7L-X PCB High Capacity DC Relay

G7L-X PCB High Capacity DC Relay

Omron's G7L-X compact power relay is capable of switching 1,000 VDC and complies with solar inverter safety standards (UL and EN).

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Image of Omron's D7S Seismic Sensor

D7S Seismic Sensor

Omron's D7S seismic sensors are earthquake detection sensors with high detection precision and low electricity consumption through 3-axis acceleration sensors.

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Tools and Support

Image of Omron's Face Detection Technology

Face Detection Technology

Detecting and recognizing faces, people, and pets Motion tracking of faces, bodies, and other objects Enhancing facial image through photo retouching and video editing. Learn More

Image of Omron's Switches


Omron's range of switches include quality, precision micro switches satisfying most applications, tactile featuring the industries smallest positive click action switch, and DIP switches to suit most production processes. Learn More

Image of Omron's Flat Cable Connectors

Flat Cable Connectors

Our Flat Cable Connectors match industry standards while offering space savings and improving production time. Learn More


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Low Signal Relays

Low Signal Relays

Duration: 20 minutes

Focused on low signal relays; specifically the five low signal families G6K, G6S, G6J, G5V-1 and G5V-2.

High Frequency Relay

High Frequency Relays

Duration: 10 minutes

This tutorial will highlight the features and characteristics of high frequency relays and present typical applications.

A8GS Rocker Switch

Remote Reset Rocker switch TYPE A8GS

Duration: 10 minutes

A8GS rocker switch advantages include circuit protection against excessive voltage and the reduction of material and processing cost.

IC LED Driver Array 24Channel 48QFP

LED Driver IC Products

Duration: 5 minutes

Designed to meet the sensitivity of the human eye, Omron's LED drivers are smooth and make gradual, one command changes in brightness without flickering.

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